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From science journalism, public engagement and storytelling, to digital media, graphic design, photography and content production. I'm a Naturalist, Science Communicator and Digital Content Editor.  

Based in Oxford.

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My interest and strong passion for nature and science were my gateway to become a Science Communicator and to make my first steps into the publishing and communication world.


Starting as a freelancer many years ago, I found myself working as a Wildlife Tourism Guide, Science Editor, Communication Officer, Journalist in multiple countries, such as Tanzania, Cape Verde, Croatia, Italy ad now UK.  My experience renges from working as a content strategist, journalist and editor for many publishers and media organisations in Italy and Croatia, to working with institutions and charities in the UK .


My most exciting experience as a Science Editor and Project Manager so far involved developing my own publishing project, managing a multimedia team working on different content every week and covering specific trending science topics, breaking news, and in-depth articles.

The most recent projects I was working on involved the web development and digital content production for several platforms at Oxford University GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) .



My passion for providing the public with access to science online led me to becoming a Web Content and Social Media Specialist, a perfect fit for my evolution as Digital Content Editor and Content Strategist.


Communicating the digital process to different audiences and professionals turned out to be another important step in my professional development.

I found myself working on different projects that required researching, designing and implementing digital media plans and strategies aiming to achieve a digital transformation.



My flexible approach allows me to tell stories with images, prose, videos and interactive elements. I believe that digital storytelling is one of the most powerful interactive tools for engaging your audience. Throughout my career I developed different stories into visual and interactive narratives, giving my audience an unique and immersive experience.



A broad demographic is my favourite audience. My wide experience in STEM Education as a teacher and projects coordinator helped me to better understand the learning process in children and students, and to design and deliver effective communication and education in the domain of science and technology.


I quickly fell in love with visual and data communication, and started to work on visually appealing designs, infographics and videos, which gave me the opportunity to visualise the content by using different media tools.


Delving into the intricacies of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Premiere became inevitable, and today they are an essential part of my toolset.

I helped organisations moving from static designs to digital,  offering an immersive and fully interactive, eye catching and informative online experiences.


I love visuals. That's why I'm constantly evolving and improving my graphic design and video editing skills. 


Keeping my audience's attention is fundamental in my work. My extensive experience  led me to improve my outreach skills and to work and collaborate with different stakeholders to develop innovative and inspiring approaches to public engagement online, which can reach a wide range of audiences.


I believe in effective web and digital communication through social media,  user-generated content, interactive tools and I always try to find dynamic and innovative approach to using different digital channels.


I love creating great websites and digital content for different channels, and each phase is very important to me - from the understanding of visitors' interests and needs to the UI/UX design, text, navigation, and organization. The whole process allows me also to tranform my design ideas into building blocks for emails, visual elements, and general web content.  


As a Naturalist, I have been passionate about wildlife all my life, and I never go to the countryside without my Nikon. I'm an amateur photographer which allows me to promote my best shots, and use them in exhibitions, publications and digital platforms for different clients.  And as a journalist I couldn't create a story without using my photos.

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